Radio Maki


Kritzkom and Magritte Jaco are bringing back some awesome pieces of liveshow from their summer road trips in France, USA , Germany and even further !
















NO they have not lost the compass but surely they got into wild adventures from the deep booty party of New Orleans where the ladies are round and know how to bounce to the lushest land of Normandy where the alternative music turns into a daily festival !

YES all at once just for you : Andreas Dorau, TEP, Pilocka Krach, Kritzkom, Le Corps Mince De Françoise ,Le Club Des Chats, Mille, Chez Debs, Robyn.


Radio Maki is a made on promotional purpose only and we will remove the extract if the artist ask for it.

makicake radio maki

Kritzkom and Magritte Jaco continue their sound odyssey, cooking for you the best of the last live-month you your delicate ears, the second chapter of this trip with tea spoon of fun.

Kool Thing live at Monster Ronson / Debmaster live at Paloma / Zachov live at Madame Claude / Kamikaze queens live at White Trash / Le Vice Anglais live at ZMF / Xavier Richardeau and Trycia Evy live in Paris.

Thanks a lot to Kool Thing, Kamikaze queens , Jabob Zachov, Debmaster, le vice anglais, Xavier Richardeau et Trycia Evy, CTM, le festival des siestes electroniques, Jackie Terrasse,  for their support.



Kritzkom and Magritte Jaco have started their sound odyssey, recording the best siren , tempted by mermaid and curiosity, it is now the time to share the first chapter of this trip with a wrap of all these moments.


BILLI BOB CAT live Jackie Terrasse /GRILL GRILL & OFF live in Bed / BOBBY CONN live in BBmix / ROBONOM live in Blockhaus / the nerd maki joke / THE WARLOCKS live in Levee club / BONAPARTE live in la Boule Noire / gödöllö city HEIMAT/ AMINUS live in Berghain/ Cindy Wonderful spoken word at Fab Lab/ TILMANN DEHNHARD live at Jackie Terrasse /

Thanks a lot to Julie Tippex, BBmix, Foufoukoh, Captain Zachov, all the artists for their art and their support !
We promote music producer and we will remove your music if you ask for it

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