18582471_10154622590536964_9158181319980482763_nWrangelkiez is joining forces with the neighbour initiative BIZIM KIEZ in their fight against careless gentrification in Kreuzberg. You are  invited to join a demonstration his afternoon at 4pm to support the späti in Oranien Strasse 35 against the expulsion thread.

After the Bizim Bakkal in Wrangelstrasse and  the Café Filou in Reichenberger Str, BIZIM KIEZ are bringing attention to another in danger local shop, the späti of the Tunc family. The Turkish family who contributed in the construction of our current heaven in Berlin by opening several shops generation after generation in Kreuzberg and Neukölln since 1982, is currently fighting against the global Immobilien GmbH group to extend their contract.

Join the march and make some noise against the landlord’s denial, today the street is for everyone.






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Screen-Shot-2017-04-13-at-15.53.16-450x246Wrangelkiez invites you to join the special experiMENTAL night at Berghain this Thursday May 4th
owered by Your Mom’s Agency.


This second opus  after the Turn Around Bright Eyes in the techno temple is again setting light on female artists, diversity, flirticious nu tec art installations and experimental sound. With special Berlin/L.A focus featuring the work of over 30 artists, 2 concerts Rainbow Arabia (Kompakt rec/ L.A), the Berlin advanced fashion and wave duo Autist and one live drone music improvisation by 12 female non binary producers A PARTIAL ECLIPSE OF THE <3 is exploring the contrast between media and transversal creative process for the time of one night.




6zm, Baptiste Moulin, black cracker, Carla Chan, CATHERIN, Dorit Bialer, Eurodance Studio, hiT͟Hərˈto͞o, HYENAZ, Jamie Harley, Jem the Misfit & Arielle Esther, Kieran Behan (Crystalmafia), Lisa Wassmann, Magritte Jaco, Mariana Jukica, Martin Eder, Natacha Mankowski & Resi Bender, Neven, Peter Kirn & Gabriela Prochazka, Simonne Jones, Sky Deep, Valerie Renay, Valquire Veljkovic, Vc Kristi, Viriya Lynch Le Viantre, and Hito.

A Partial Eclipse of the <3 is organised by Your Mom’s Agency, supported by the participating artists, the SAEPercena, Native Instruments, Concept Audio, Holger Rettschlag, and Berghain.

Door opens at 8pm
Starts 8:30 pm
Get your tickets  https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?954637
RSVP https://www.facebook.com/events/281510082219442/


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WRANGELTAPE #22 Meisterfackt for SolarSoundSystem


Wrangelkiez is joining forces with the advanced ecology collective SolarSoundSystem this week end for the launch of their Berlin Hub, a 3 day open air marathon empowered by Bike, DJ, Solar and Human energy only. #HighEnergy

The Swiss N.G.O specialized in the Paleo Energetic an open source collective in sustainable energy researches has expend within the past 15 years in more than 10 countries, they were represented at the 2 last COP and kept opening hubs internationally, raising funds to promote innovative initiatives and recycle forgotten ecological patten with their high energy partners Schneider Electric Fondation, Native Instruments, Cadenza Records ad Lemonaid. Read the interview of  Cedric Carles in Kaltblut Magazine.


You like to bike? You like to dance? You would like to help saving our planet? Well this dream is coming true, with their Solar Energy equipped bike Berlin will be able to dance all night. Warm up with our Wrangeltape  mixed by Meisterfackt  who will be on the Solar Dancefloor on Sun-Day! #Whatelse?

Follow the SolarSoundSystem team starting NOW and let the Berlin ecological transition be as sunny as London, Paris, Lausanne, Marseille  or Tel Aviv!

Saturday  12-20 Yaam Am Schilling Brücke 3 (Ostbahnhof)

Qzen // https://soundcloud.com/qzen
Epilady Bruce / Ladybruce // www.mixcloud.com/ladybruce/
Nathanael Ha // www.mixcloud.com/nathanel-hv/
Cobeia (écoutes au vert) www.mixcloud.com/cobeia
Oscar Guerrero / oscargvz // https://soundcloud.com/oscargvz

Sunday 12- 22 Urban Spree Revaler Strasse 99 (Warschauer Str)

Pierre Stone Caillou (Chateau Chepère) // https://soundcloud.com/cailloulapierrequiroule
Josefowski // https://soundcloud.com/josefowski
Rasmus Erasmus // https://soundcloud.com/rasmus-hedlund-2
signal deluxe // https://soundcloud.com/signaldeluxe
Meisterfackt (Bruit Noir Records) // https://soundcloud.com/bruitnoirrecords
Zaspero + Tonte Concept // https://soundcloud.com/tonteconcept + https://soundcloud.com/zaspero400
MANE // https://soundcloud.com/manefest

Monday Where the sun shines in Wrangelkiez







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KIEZSALON season opening with Stella Chiweshe & Greg Fox


Digital In Berlin is back with their cosy advanced music program the Kiezsalon tomorrow Wednesday 26th April at the incredible Musikbraurei in Prenzlauerberg.

For this epic beginning of the season, the Kiez Salon invited a traditional Zimbabwan music legend, Stella Chiweshe. Acknowledge by a golden records since the release of her very first single, she felt in love with the sound of the Kalimba also called Mbira when this instrument was strictly played by men and contributed since then to the diffusion of this instrument.

Staying on the beat, the awarded “Best Drummer in NYC” by the Village Voice in 2011 Greg Fox will invite us to explore new territory. Drumming worldwide along side a various list of artists such as Ben Frost,Liturgy, ZS, Colin Stetson, Skeletons, Hieroglyphic Being, Man Forever  and as a solo artist, The American musician is using a hybridized electroacoustic drum setup to explore new dimensions through the traditional gestures of the modern drummer and the possibilities inherent in electronic and computer music.

Wednesday, 26. April 2017 | Door 20:00 CET | Start 21:00 CET
Musikbrauerei | Greifswalder Strasse 23a | 10407 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg
* There is limited capacity to the salon. Tickets only available at the door.

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