A- CURATE is an independent and itinerant curatorial project based in the Wrangelkiez in Berlin dedicated to trans disciplinary practices. If contemporary art is defined by the transgression of its borders , our artist run space is actively working on it with a program of exhibitons, performances and live pirate radio show. A-Curate takes over the S19 gallery located in  S19 Art Space Projekt in Schlesiche strasse 19 as residency, workshop and Gesamtkunstwerk Laboratory. Symbolically Romantically Brutally Art Totally yours. M. Jacquet


Photo by Emilie Delugeau

VERFREMDET 03.05- 27.05  Enter the photo exhibition of Emilie Delugeau, a serial of photographic still life and intimate instants with performers in the wild. Emilie Delugeau lives and works in Berlin, she directs and interplays with professional dancers in public or private spaces, each picture can be seen as a portrait as well as a result of a performance.

OPENING  MAY 3rd 07pm with a  inter-spacial performance from Lulu Rafano  RSVP https://www.facebook.com/events/318429591617828/

PIRATE RADIO PERFORMANCE MAY 7th 9 th 11th with Nicolas Puyjalon and Leila Peacock broadcasted live on the fm straight from the A_CURATE lab in the S19 Art Space Projekt Schlesischestrasse 19 from  7 pm to 8 pm.  Listen to their first episode during their art residency in Glasgow at the  Center for Contemporary Art here


                          Photo by Melanie Magassa

A-MAZON   18.04 – 30-04  Schlesisches Strasse 19 , 10997 Berlin Germany. A group show that explores the mythological figure of Amazon as a methaphora and allegory of a post feminist adventure through different chapters and interpretation of female fantasy. A dream of empowered characters and a taste of real temper with humor and imagination. Opening Thursday 18 April at 7 pm  RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/233057823499248/




Cecile Wesolowski is an emerging video artist from France, she lives and works in Berlin. She mostly explores female characters in playful situations refering to cinema history, soap opera and the process of film making itself. She often gives herself a part in her video, integrating personnal elements to the fiction. The way she keeps a staggered position while using humor, unclears the borders of documention and imagination, seduction and brutallity. http://www.cecilewesolowski.com/


Melanie Magassa is an artist and photographer, whose work captures subtle yet often profound moments in the everyday, communicating through a saturated array of color. She graduated from the School of Photography at Gothenburg University in Sweden and studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Tokyo Zokei University in Japan. While persuing her artistic projects and exhibiting her work internationally, Magassa works as an editorial and commercial photographer.






Philly Kondor8  is a performer artist who lives and works in New York. Her creative work and life are closely bound together in a powerful art total way. Philly Kondor8 is her own media and transforms life in art performance. She orignally started as a dancer and radically jumped into the noise and punk music scene while introducing herself back and forth into contemporary theater.  She is one of the recurent figures of Todd Verow’s movies and also a painter.


Interview by Marianne Jacquet




Patricia Ghijsens Ezcurdia is first and foremost a print maker and draughtswoman. It is the short distance between thought and paper that has turned out to be the medium best suited to her desire to rennder visible her intense, unreal world of impressions that conjures moments
akin to memories, nightmares, or passing thoughts.The hybrid creatures that populate her drawings are reminiscent of Jheronimus Bosch talking as it does to the profoundly dark side of the human animal. Patricia Ghijsens Ezcurdia graduated in 2002 with an M.F.A. in painting from the PHL Hasselt. She had residences at FransMasereelcentrum in 2011 and in 2010. In 2009 she was artist in residence ‘Printmaking’ at SVA (school of Visual Arts) in New York (US). http://www.patricia-ghijsens.com/


Cigùri is an independent muse, a singer song writer, a costume maker and a performer who hunts and lives in Berlin. In between tribal art and traditional costume design, Cigùri’s charm will spread with two stage elements of her character. As a musical Amazon, she mixes influences as diverse as Kate Bush, Fever Ray, Depeche Mode and Arvo Pärt in her music and self produce every step of her project from the sewing machine to the directing of the video clip.





Madame Chän is a successful tatoo artist and illustrator who lives between Bruxelles and Berlin. She formally studied print making and has incorporated her specific color layout technic to her fantastic and terrific universe full of creatures, lines and shiny inks.  Her involvement in the profesionnal tattoe scene can be considered as a performance in itself.







Fleur Helluin is a painter and performer from France. She plays life and live art on the same level , intensive and ironical, serious and festive at the same time. She has incorporated technology eathetical thema to her traditional oil painting researches with her avatar portrait serial.









Marianne Jacquet is a french polymorphic artist, she mixes anthropomorphic performance with sound and drawing . She came to Berlin to give real artist talk on a fake artist and started to curate. Art is where lies are coming true !


if you want to see what she does come to the damned show  ! Limited edition prints available at Art Metropole Gallery Toronto



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