VOODOO MARKET Final edition! Let’s Make It Count!


Dear Berliner, this is not an easy moment nor an easy article to write in fact it took me a while. The Voodoo family and French mafia have lost a dear friend, an extraordinary mother and an outstanding example of optimism and bravery last week.  Oryanne Dufour was simply phenomenal, she has been battling against cancer for one year during which she never stopped cracking jokes and looking forward to the future with her family and children.

Together with her friend Maria they developed the VOODOO MARKET the very first berlin-based designers market through which they gave some exposure to handycraft, artist and eco design projects for almost a decade. She continued the slow shopping adventure with her husband Raphael with Un Autre Voodoo and promoted many great local designers, sustainable fashion and artists.

Today we are celebrating life with a magic last VOODOO Market, taking place this SATURDAY , April 7th at the BLOGFABRIK from 11 to 7PM. rsvp

This event is a charity and all the donations and benefits will be given to the Dufour Family without any third part.


I am grateful to have been part of the VOODOO, performing live with Mille, djing a countless time, selling my ex boyfriends clothes when I was sad, giving me jobs when I was poor :) , the VOODOO Crew and Dufour have always provided a cheerful creative space and family vibe. Now let’s celebrate one more time and do a little conga together. I will be contributing to the cheer leading vibe with a classic afro disco set grand finale dedicated to a magic voodoo spirit Oryanne with eternal pink kiss stain on her cheek.

I invite you to read her interview in MUMMY MAG  and share the inspiration.

AMOUR, Marianne





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