Genesis P-Orridge benefit compilation OUT NOW

The benefit double compilation for Genesis P-Orridge is out on Unknown Pleasure Records featuring some covers by The Horrorist, Peaches, LTNO, Electrosexual feat Hanin Elias and many more artists. Each record sold will go directly to support Genesis P-Orridge’s medical care who is fighting since November with Leukemia.

genesis Breyer P-OrridgePhoto by Douglas McCarthy

As a pioneer of the industrial music movement with Psychic TV or Throbbing Grizzle, Genesis P-Orridge is one major if not THE icon of the alternative culture, who smashed the borders between genders, dig a hole in the rock and roll, celebrated occult body art and buried the politically correct with high heels.

untitled-article-1486466785-body-image-1486468105Genesis P-Orridge is also famous for their journey as Pandrogyne with Lady Jaye documented in The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye. Two persons becoming one as an act of love beyong the so-called rules of science breaking a new path for a non binary self.


tribute to genesis P orridge

Pre-order now on Unknown Pleasures Records with great artists Peaches, Michel Amato & Marc Hurtado, Esplendor Geometrico, Norma Loy, Alice Botté, Electrosexual with Hanin Elias, LTNO, Le Chocolat Noir, Versari, Maman Küsters, Vortex.official, Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand, Black Egg, Blind Delon, Judith Juillerat, Destroying Angel, The Horrorist, Alexey Volkov, MEE aka Mee Ysanne, Didier Ambact, Michael Idehall, Testing Vault, Sheer Zed, Seiei Jack, Endless Chasm, The Strange Walls, We Be the Echo, Black Light Ascension….


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  1. tyler friant says:

    i love you genesis, no matter what happens i hope your legacy lives on. fuck it.

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