Spring Breakers Fresh faces and New Talent just arrived!

springbreakers_facebookevent_1200x675_002Get your rubber boots and your swimming suit on to get ready to toot the fresh arrival of new talents at Schwuz celebrating the final  win of love “Ehe Für Alle” at Spring Breakers tonight.

They are ready to bring the level of Pop to the top so open your eyes I see your eyes are open to  discover the future of transversal hits with Olympia Bukkakis, Matthias Panitz, Magritte Jaco, Absinthia Absolut, Daphne Jeht Steil, Rolex and Dom Iver while DJ City, Lipstick Trash, Nathan Dawidowicz, Yves Eden, Splirit, Rollers HiFi will make your body transcend above your feet in the House dance floor!

About magrittejaco

Musician multimedia in Mille, Plateau Repas, FL/AM ans the Flamingoes.
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