WRANGELTAPE #22 Meisterfackt for SolarSoundSystem


Wrangelkiez is joining forces with the advanced ecology collective SolarSoundSystem this week end for the launch of their Berlin Hub, a 3 day open air marathon empowered by Bike, DJ, Solar and Human energy only. #HighEnergy

The Swiss N.G.O specialized in the Paleo Energetic an open source collective in sustainable energy researches has expend within the past 15 years in more than 10 countries, they were represented at the 2 last COP and kept opening hubs internationally, raising funds to promote innovative initiatives and recycle forgotten ecological patten with their high energy partners Schneider Electric Fondation, Native Instruments, Cadenza Records ad Lemonaid. Read the interview of  Cedric Carles in Kaltblut Magazine.


You like to bike? You like to dance? You would like to help saving our planet? Well this dream is coming true, with their Solar Energy equipped bike Berlin will be able to dance all night. Warm up with our Wrangeltape  mixed by Meisterfackt  who will be on the Solar Dancefloor on Sun-Day! #Whatelse?

Follow the SolarSoundSystem team starting NOW and let the Berlin ecological transition be as sunny as London, Paris, Lausanne, Marseille  or Tel Aviv!

Saturday  12-20 Yaam Am Schilling Brücke 3 (Ostbahnhof)

Qzen // https://soundcloud.com/qzen
Epilady Bruce / Ladybruce // www.mixcloud.com/ladybruce/
Nathanael Ha // www.mixcloud.com/nathanel-hv/
Cobeia (écoutes au vert) www.mixcloud.com/cobeia
Oscar Guerrero / oscargvz // https://soundcloud.com/oscargvz

Sunday 12- 22 Urban Spree Revaler Strasse 99 (Warschauer Str)

Pierre Stone Caillou (Chateau Chepère) // https://soundcloud.com/cailloulapierrequiroule
Josefowski // https://soundcloud.com/josefowski
Rasmus Erasmus // https://soundcloud.com/rasmus-hedlund-2
signal deluxe // https://soundcloud.com/signaldeluxe
Meisterfackt (Bruit Noir Records) // https://soundcloud.com/bruitnoirrecords
Zaspero + Tonte Concept // https://soundcloud.com/tonteconcept + https://soundcloud.com/zaspero400
MANE // https://soundcloud.com/manefest

Monday Where the sun shines in Wrangelkiez







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