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Wrangelkiez recommends DOGS & GODS an exhibition by the French ceramist Olivier Panama and the duchess of the Berlin baroque fashion Tata Christiane. Celebrating the reopening of the Urban Spree Galerie with an exclusive collection of Pop Culture reliq and fantastic fetish, the two artists invite us into a sumptuous temple where the ceramics meets the couture, to cross the Styx in style!


Evoking the curiosity cabinet of the 18th century taxidermist Fragonard as much as Madame Tussaud, GODS & DOGS exalts in detail the most fashionable accessories of all times, the celebrities’ pets! From the Egyptian god of the death Anubis to Paris Hilton’s companion Tinkerbell, the exhibition interprets an extravagant vision of the afterlife filled with lush costumes and golden smile.

 Conceived in collaboration with the rising fashion designer Tata Christiane, this installation opposes the dead animals with lively clothes in a surprising fusion where the baroque aesthetics flirts with a biting Bling Bling.

Tata Christiane feature in Moderat Eating Hooks Official Video

Their installation builds a dialogue in between two techniques, two medium the wool and the glaize, to explore a transversal aspect of fine art and crafts. Empowering the self taught ceramist Olivier Panama who works and bake in his home made studio as much as the vertical production of Tata Christiane who designs from the pattern to the photo shoot.


A very authentic Berlin story in definitive but not only. When Olivier Panama is inspired by the flourishing egomaniac Pop culture, assembling some polished and golden ceramics celebrities skeleton, unveiling the versatility of vanity and its deadly irony, Tata Christiane keeps exalting their remains dead or alive with her fancy signature.

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DSC_3048OPENING this Friday 10th at 6pm with a food performance by Ma Pâtissière and her X ray Cake! RSVP here

AFTERSHOW party at 10pm provided by MILK ME

Bernardino Femminielli & Les Beautés du Siècle (live) Wave disco
Silvia Kastel (live), Yair Elazar Glotman (live)

CLOSING GRAND FINAL Thursday 16.02 with a special wavy aftershow with

AUTIST live the music entity of Tata Christiane
Vordemfall live (kraut wave)
Magritte Jaco & Foufoukoh DJset


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