Room 4 Resistance A Holiday Family Special


Wrangelkiez recommends R4R this Thursday 29.12 About Blank ! The female producer collective has brought the club culture to another level of conciousness with their positive cultural politics. Bringing some serious social issues on the dance floor such as gender equality, the fight against racism, support for the refugees and more generally solidarity, the Berlin-based crew is maintaining a bridge between discussion, radio shows and endless night of fun.

R4R is a sex positive party #nobodyshamingallowed

Room 4 Resistance that started as a local group of dj  that shared the same will of doing more than just another get away party. Today, Luz, Rroxymore, LMGM, Purita D, Yuko Asanuma have established the R4R in the ultimate About Blank in Berlin exporting their concept and love for electronic music up to London and even further.

Don’t miss the last edition of the year and take part in this benefits for the victims of the tragic incident in the Ghosthip of Oakland read more here.


About Blank/Markgrafendamm 24c, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Door open 11:59 pm – 10am on Friday 30/12

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