JEAN JACQUES PERREY the first man on the MOOG !


The French godfather of the electronic music Jean Jacques Perrey  has passed away this November 4th at the age of  87.  The pioneer and master of Ondioline started making electronic music in 1952. He changed the course of music History when setting a foot in American in 1960 where he met a certain Robert Moog  just developed a  synthesizer.

Jean Jacques Perrey was the first man on the Moog bringing a happy mood into the serious world of musique concrete with his cartoonesque tones. Established as an easy listening maestro, his creativity was endless and illustrated an enormous number of Radio, commercial, tv program up to the Disney parade.

His has left a gooffy psychedelic euphoria behind him and a timeless modernity with his unique joyfull experimental approach that will be celebrated next November 22nd in New York at the National Sawdust.



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