Elisa Bee X QUER podcast for Wrangelkiez


Pump it up for the  QUER at Wilde Renate this Thursday 27th of October . This ultimate blend of deep disco, acid techno and up beat ghetto house  hosted by the French  producer La Fraicheur is a rendez vous for exquisite  dancefloor diggers. Building a bridge between male and female producers, the QUER is pushing its statement to the door of your consciousness while delivering some fine fun in an equal gender environment

Wrangelkiez is giving you a taste of the endless dance  with a podcast mixed by Elisa Bee from Booty Call Records.

1. Jocelyn Brown & Marquis Hawkes – I’m So Glad (Satisfied Mix)
2. DJ Funk – Booty Percolatin’
3. Don Rimini – Mofo
4. Sky Deep & La Fraicheur – What You Give (Elisa Bee Remix)
5. Gnucci – Xs & OHs (Elisa Bee Remix)
6. Vin Sol – 1314
7. Don Rimini – I Feel Like Jammin
8. DBX – Losing Control
9. TWR72 – X2
10. Alden Tyrell – Acid 3 (Vin Sol Remix)
11. DBX – Beat Phreak
12. Jimmy Edgar – RS2000
13. Adryiano  – Moccassin Groove
14. DJ Windows XP – I Cried Last Night


Elisa Bee /// booty call records
Projekt Gestalten /// vraaa records, pornceptual
La Fraicheur /// leonizer, freinds with benefits, quer
Lady Blacktronika /// your only friend, sound black recordings
ROTCIV /// unterton, mister mistery
Sandix /// mensch meier, tour de farce

RSVP https://www.facebook.com/events/522150727995630/


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