DUGUDUS opening at Serigraffeur Galerie


Start your week end with a inch of revolution, ashake of consciouness and a dash of colour on paper with the opening of DUGUDUS at the Serigraffeur Galerie. The French designer Regis Leger is bringing some exclusive works to the heart of Friedrichain.


Acclaimed for his publication on the Cuban graphic design DUGUDUS has kept his productivity up since 2013 and his left on the proper side by not keeping his mouth shut. Politically involved, his work is emphases the streets with catchy lampoon and serious social issues.

dugudus-solidaritywithrefugeeDon’t miss the opening and don’t be afraid to ask for a English or German translation or to start a conversation, share an opinion, it is an invitation to give a purpose to a social interaction. Now let the picture speaks for themselves.


dugudus-pmacapture-decran-2016-10-20-a-15-53-26WOT ??

Serigraffeur Dirschauer strasse  1, 10247 Berlin 8pm

RSVP https://www.facebook.com/events/1771503876421233/





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