MINT full house showcase at IPSE

photo by Joie Iacomo

Ladies are taking action behind the dj decks in the Wrangelkiez!

Initiated by the dj and promoter Ena Lind, Mint has slowly and strongly become a solid place for  independent dj in the electronic music industry. From a party to a booking agency, Mint kept the focus on the creativity, parity in the club, no gender and naturally expend to a family of international dj based in Berlin.

Local and internationally loud, Ena Lind is an energetic and major figure of the underground Berlin club scene. After a decade to record spinning and party organisation, She produced Ferdinand  that was release on Reveller records in 2014 and recently some remixes on Leonizer records of  another Mint family member La Fraicheur .

Starting with the ambient-techno mistress Chica Paula, the Chilean born producer  took over Berlin in the early 90s behind the decks of Ostgut-Panoramabar and Tresor. Since then she collaborated with the minimal maestro Luciano or Ricardo Villalobos and released her production on Monika Entreprise and Karaoke Kalk records.

Joining that family reunion the sound of Belgium of Soumaya Pheline , Dj Dasco and the Denise Swan. The Israeli Born vinyl fetish and  the 100% Berliner dj share a true devotion to Chicago’s house. A music that will be enhanced by the performance of LADY BLACKTRONIKA. Resident Advisor described her as “The First Lady of Deep House” and we understand why after a kick ass career start  in the 90′s doing vocals for house producers, she started making sound of her own. Her talent and audacity was spotted by Mike Huckaby on the former platform Myspace and lead her to perform in the most renown clubs a deep and solid house music.

Last but not least the New Yorker sound shifter Lauren Flax is set this open air in foggy particles of water.

Spreading the undertones of club house music and a more emo dance with her band CREEP, her career as a remixer is also unbeatable: Fisherspooner, Peaches, Le Tigre , Sia, Kim Ann Foxman, Romy XX ,Tricky, Telepathe and some of our fav’ babes Evvol.


18 August at IPSE Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2b, 10997 Berlin, Germany


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