Keine Angst ICH BIN EIN BERLINER festival

13-08-16 IBEB Plakat A3

Wrangelkiez celebrates equally the sweet summer sun and the sparkling  light of the moon.  Following our instinct and craving for noisy rock n roll, smelly leather and glitter attack, our curiosity is teased by the ICH BIN EIN BERLINER festival Keine Angst edition tonight at SO36.

Feel the beauty in the interstice of the voice of  Mikey Woodbridge. No matter is the productions are acoustic or full on abstract hip hop this is above all a pure creature of soul, probably hunted by Tracy Chapman’s spirit that will sand in front of you and giving you the goose bumps while loosing your sound perception.

White noise VS black ink, don’t miss the unique performance of  Lolita Terrorist Sound featuring Reinhard Kleist.  Answering to the invitation of  noise glam band LTS the acknowledged comic designer Reinhard Kleist will insufflate life to the howling Nick Cagesque voice of the Lolita.

lolita terrorist sounds_by annby Anna Mortelle

Reinhard Kleist

Last but not least , cherry on the cake the incredible Candice Gordon will  spread a suave and strong sence of vintage rock on the kiez. Picked up by the Pitchfork staff she co produced her debut ep with the  lead singer of the Pogues. Be ready for some Rock n Roll Action !

CANDICE GORDON | Sound of Horns from conorfinnegan on Vimeo.


SO36 Orianien Strasse 190

Doors at 11pm



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