Crème Fraiche Party WIP IT REAL GOOD!

Wrangelkiez is welcoming  a new flavoured night in the kiez : the crème fraîche party at LUX!

Get ready to get wiped with a sleazy intensive French taste, drag hotness,  burlesque delicateness and all that jazz ! For the first night out embrace with or without your tongue out the master of the wip MASHYNO, the electro funk of HERREKTOR & ASTHIK and the ultimate 80′s border less selection of the greatest underground diva VAVA DUDU!


WO? Schlesische Str.41 Ecke Falckensteinstr., 10997 Berlin, Germany

WAN? Door open at 10pm

22:00>23:00 MASHYNO Pop session
23:00>01:00 VAVA DUDU
01:00>02:45 ASHIK
02:45>04:30 HERREKTOR
04:30>end MASHYNO French Electro session


About magrittejaco

Musician multimedia in Mille, Plateau Repas, FL/AM ans the Flamingoes.
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