We live for the machine , we feel through the machine , we talk like machine , we love via machine! In deed this statement is scary but the controler is always turned on or down by the man and this is an electric signal game that Electrosexual is playing lively and deeply with in his debut album ART SUPPORT MACHINE release today on Rock Machine Records today . Get it here Click Click Click.

The french producer has brought to light a 13 track album featuring collaborations with the italian electro clash queen Hard Ton,  the Fantome lead singer Hanin Elias and got remixed by David Carretta.

Join the release party next June 13th at the Eschschloraque one of the very last underground shelters left in Mitte and dance along side Steve Morell (Pale Music records), Hanin Elias ( Atari Teenage Riot/Fantome), Theatre Of Delays dj set.

RSVP here

Rosenthaler tr 39, 10pm Fr 13.06



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Musician multimedia in Mille, Plateau Repas, FL/AM ans the Flamingoes.
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