Techno addict and fonky beat freaks the Wrangeltape is back with a new live set exclusively prepared by one of our very dear berliner dj ! Meet Roi Perez, the man with the golden hands who spins wax with the composure and the precision of a surgeon. The israelian producer and dj resident of the PAG party in Tel Aviv, has now settled in Berlin where he keeps spinning techno, house, disco with a touch of acid. Listen to the 100% pure love and vinyl set of Roi Perez for Wrangelkiez!

Track List
- The White Man And The Arab – Acid
- BMBF – Cry Under
- Mathew Jonson – Love Letter To The Enemy
- Fairly Jackmaster Funk – U Ain’t Really House (Really instrumental mix)
- Chris Mitchell – Y.I.C.U
- Family Affair – Big strike feat. Omar S
- Chicago Skyway – Thunder
- Tom Simmert- Told You So
- Cloud – What U Want (Juju & Jordash mix)
- Wbeeza – Hurricane feat. Tina Penni
- Erlend Øye – Symptom Of Disease (Mesak mix)
- Joey Anderson – Press Play

From Humboldthain to Berghain Roi Perez tells us more about his constant hunt for music.

WK: What was your first dj experience ? How does it started in your heart?
R.P: Seriously I think it started when I saw my grandmother dancing like crazy. Then I wanted to dance myself, and I did (even professionally as a child hehe), from there it was easy to fell in love with clubbing. though practically… It was one of those house-parties at a friend’s place, it happens every year when it’s holiday and the sun is out, there was two turntables, mixer and good sound-system and many Djs. I was so curious there that I went to touch the Turntables, it was someone else’s vinyls. I liked it.

WK: Your first crush on a record?
R.P: A real crush was Kate Bush “The Kick Inside” I got from a friend. It’s still on repeat. my morning ceremony.

WK: Name one musician that had the most influence on you?
R.P: John Roberts, he really caught me with great house, techno and experimental electronic music. At the time, I was confused about my musical taste. I can almost always get back to his album “Glass Eight“.

WK: Your first crush on Berlin ?
R.P : 2008, it’s pure kitsch but a love story with a guy, and his name is not “Berghain”.

WK: Tel Aviv seems to be a lot like Berlin by 30°C, why moving here? Besides the fact that here the wax of records stays hard?
R.P: Friends, people and places mainly, also the multicultural effect the city has to offer. Though I miss the sea in Tel-Aviv, it was a good place to chill, finish or start the day, now I have other spots. Berlin is still new for me and it’s great fun.


WK: Whose voice would fit a Roi Perez track composition?
P.R: PJ harvey.

WK: Where do you seek for your wax? Does a good dj reveal its record shop sources?
R.P: I don’t think things should be hidden, In fact knowledge should be more accessible. I am not one of those who will not publish their track-list. I believe that probably it’s more than just the track itself , a complete Dj set is a complete creation. If someone wants to use it, ok, you know?! I love to buy records at a small and cosy record shops: Power-Park (F-hain), 180G (Kreuzberg) and Audio-In (Second hand).

WK: I see vinyl dj has hunters, what was your longest hunt for a record or the most epic?
R.P: Oh, I traveled and promised myself not to buy a single record untill I’m settled in Berlin (that was my final destination), cause I couldn’t carry much on my back-pack. Though I was in NYC, a good friend took me to Dumbo for a great record store – “Halcyon” and there I have found a record from “WHITE MATERIALS” #3 That I couldn’t resist. I also bought some repressed heavy stuff from Levon Vincent.

WK: Who is rocking Israel dance floor at this very moment?
R.P: Avihay Partok. A good friend and a great DJ.

WK: Who is rocking your world at this very moment? (music wise of course)
R.P: I think it’s “Land Of Light ” from E.S.P Institute – mainly their live acts, it is just Perfect.

WK: Name me three girls that rock the dj booth?
R.P: Lately I’m into girls who plays Techno, Dr. Rubinstein and Dasha Rush for example are both great Djs, as well as Tama Sumo of course.

WK: Where are we going to hear from you?
R.P: In April I’ll play at Berghain for Snax Party (Boys only Lady you will have to wait for th next round)

Follow Roi Perez on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/roip and facebook

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