WRANGELTAPE#04 Electrosexual Taking off from Tempelhof

Electrosexual is taking the wrangel kids into a techno journey with a dark and dynamic podcast that will make your laptop vibrates like your neighbour’ sunday washing machine. Turn the volum up, this is not an after party, but a prequel of the Tempelhof single up coming releases out next 07th of March in Berlin and 08th of March Paris? Fasten your seat belt and trust the captain, we hope you will enjoy the flight.

Track List

1- Electrosexual – Lay my eye – intro
2- Thomas Kress – munich music making machines -Tecroc remix
3- David Carretta & Workerpoor – Believe the machine – Millimetric remix
4- Joey Beltram – Energy flash
5- NT89 -Positive – Mikron remix
6- Creepy Autograph – Mind image made
7- Daniel Avery – Naive response
8- Electrosexual – Tempelhof – David Carretta remix
9- Age of Love – The age of Love – Jam & Spoon watch out for Stella club
10-Choice – Acid Eiffel



About magrittejaco

Musician multimedia in Mille, Plateau Repas, FL/AM ans the Flamingoes.
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