Black Cracker PosTer Boy release with Muschi Kreuzberg

The american poet and rapper Black Cracker is challenging the definition of music genres in a new  album PosTer Boy released on the Berlin based label Gully Havoc.  This  ” off pop”  production realized between Berlin, New York and Switzerland features 13 songs dedicated to girls and daily life dilemmas.  Joined for the occasion by the beat maker Maurau,  the PosTer Boy  album seals Black Cracker’s name  in the adventurous future  hop scene next to his Brooklyn block mate Cakes Da Killa.

Visually epileptic, PosTer Boy comes along with four glitchy video variations. Winking at  Kanye West  these collages are almost a reflection of the  passive #copypasteethics generation.

“no gimmicks you might wanna hit the clinic whole town been up in it  public swimming pool”

“for eye dust til dust ash for ash shattered glass so yeah get cash”

PosTer Boy is in deed about dollar bill and earning some Swag but also about staying true to yourself, celebrating the transition wit a big T and the freedom of being fierce by nature. The album is supported by a serie of remixes including the french touchmaster of Acid Washed , Akia, Tokyo Hands, Maurau, Brendon Kent, Wildkatz , Mesh and Ashworth. Wave with to that trip hop bass and catch the jazz of the exclusive free download remix of  “Light Don’t Owe Shade” by ASHWORTH:

The dream team collaborator of Cocorosie, Bunny Rabbit, LCMDF, Creep, Zebra Katz or the jazz trio Grand Pianoramax, Black Cracker will jump in his Muschi Kreuzberg suit to perform live with his band mate Eliyah Reichen and Alexandre J. Maurer this thursday 20th of March at Prince Charles. Manning the desk all night a long list of hop hop djs and friends starting with Planningtorock (Human Level), Lotic, Tokyo Hands, Stimulus, Dreea, Natalia Escobar, Lee Stuart, Bass Gang and Laura Clock. Live video installation by the Pussykrew collective. Read their Interview on Wrangelkiez.

*  W I N   2 T I C K E T S  H E R E  *



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