JUNIOR new video Clip I don’t listen Much

People don’t get you? And you are tired to listen to them? It might be a tiny teenage rebellion or it is just time to listen to JUNIOR !

Wrangelkiez has fallen for their power pop sprinkled with the wisdom of master yoda and their authentic raw folk electronic poesy. Yes we said poesy and electronic in the same  sentence! JUNIOR is  back with a new video clip” I don’t Listen much”  that you will probably recognize from the  utimate summer remix  made by their old time collaborator Mercury. Open your heart to they solid irony and legit death throes of being aware of the world we are living in and still being sensible to catchy melodies. After their acknoledged performance as musician and actor in Munich JUNIOR is now ready to announce their up coming album “Self Fullfiling Prophets” that will make you laugh dance and probably cry at the same time! Stay tune for they berlin Showcase at Fluxbau next  16.04 and if you are searching for more listen to their Interview on Wrangelkiez Radio Maki!

Junior – I Don’t Listen Much on MUZU.TV.


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