Wrangelkiez presents “Tiefer Gelegt” the first video clip of ZACHOV directed by the berliner director Hannah Doerr. Zachov is a unique electronica project lead by the incredible multi instrumentalist artist Jacob Suske. This extract from his forth coming album “Uber Ich” gives the taste of his dark electronic music supported by a luxuriant acoustic production.

Zachov is offering a lifting to the traditional german pop with his wicked univers full of literature, art and daily newspapers electroshock therapy.

His raw poetry and knowledge of catchy melodies are better than any medecine on the market. While gathering absurd situations with a dramatic music, Zachov is delivering a good amount of good taste and good bass!

Already acknoledged for his very close collaborations as bass player and co author with the most popular emperor the earth ever carryed Sir Tobias Jundt aka BONAPARTE, Zachov as been multiplying his collaborations while crossing Germany as a theater music producer or with the head banging band ONE SHOT ORCHESTRA ( Mercury+ Junior+Zachov) or SICKER MAN. His last summer show on the RADIO MAKI live broadcast session was an absolute celebration. Zachov is keeping smiling and carrying on as a one man band and offers us a real teasing of a brighter future! One advice, you ‘d better stay tuned!


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Musician multimedia in Mille, Plateau Repas, FL/AM ans the Flamingoes.
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