PICK A CARD with 22+1 a Photo Exhibition by Viviana Druga and Tata Christiane

Performance art meets fashion design tonight with the opening of the 22+1  exhibition by Tata Christianne and Viviana Druga at the SOMOS gallery.  The two collaborators have been shooting for two years in Berlin a series of life scale tarot scene. A size 1 playground where future,present  and past are meeting familiar faces of the art and music scene.  The romanian artist Viviana Druga and the french Designer Tata Christiane are connecting for us with higher  forces and who knows they might have answer to our questions.

There are 78 cards in the tarot how did you pick the 22+1 ?

Viviana: There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana that contain the main motives of the divination system that we call The Tarot. The rest of 58 cards are part of the Minor Arcana. The good thing is you can read the tarot also only with the major ones. Of course the complexity of the game consists in having all of them. More to follow…

Who is the +1 ?
Viviana: The ´1´ will be the one for whom the cards will be revealed. The 1 that is going to be inside the circle of choice. Also 22+1 equals 23 – a magic number that is been following me since my birth. Is the plus one a joke regarding the incredible list of guest you had within the process? The ´1´ can be you.

What is your card?

Viviana: I don´t have a card anymore. I thought I could represent LA TEMPERANCE but then we reorganized a performative photo session and actually I found someone else who was fitting better. I guess by re-enacting the cards i incorporated all. This is actually what is all about in the Tarot there is no good or bad card. They are all good and bad and each can speak to us.

You are using a lot of symbolism in the series, some remains of Bouddhisme or Hindouisme, are you playing with esotherism?

Viviana: The original Tarot de Marseille – the main inspiration for the photographs was probably invented in northern Italy in the 15th century and introduced into southern France when the French conquered Milan and Piemont in 1499. There are Masonic, Taoist, Buddhist, Christian, astrological, alchemical, Tantric, Sufi beliefs and so on in the Tarot. It seems like all religions were at peace! Its a powerful symbol of world peace! The focus is on the human soul. 22 images of the human!

You are preparing an ongoing performance what shall we expect ?

Viviana: The photo-installation is kinetic. Hannes Heiner (www.monsterkabinett.de) is the mastermind of it! Come out an play kids!

Is it hard to stop this project as you have been co working with Tata Christiane for 2 years?

Viviana: It is like a baby, it will continue to grow…

Can you tell me the future now you have been traveling back and forth in the tarot game?

Viviana: The future is fantastic in the fact that you don´t know it. Thats why its the best to use it for healing not to predict the future. The now is important.

SOMOS Kottbusser Damm 95, 10976 Berlin, Germany

FROM 01.11 to 15.11  OPENING at 07PM



RSVP : https://www.facebook.com/events/729443533738444/?source=1

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