UNTERGRUN#19 the Rise of Cigùri and Smalltown Boy

Cigùri is back on the top of the Wrangelkiez with a new video clip ! Let’s get hypnotized by her magnetic electronic songs and chamanic approach of performance where costume design embody the spirit of a powerful Amazon.

 Her passion for mystery has led Cigùri to the border of a dark pop where she can lower her voice and raise ancient spirits from her former lifes up to the stage light. 

In her new video clip «Smalltown Boy», Cigùri sets the tone with a new color of production and epic orchestral arrangements. The Bronski Beat cover is a gate to another story, a new album full of live strings, brass and martial beats with new collaborators expected in the beginning of Automn where Still waters run deep.

What is CIGÙRI fighting for?
Cigùri is a dead warrior coming from a secret tribe.
She’s fighting for her life, many lives: a full time job. She never rests.

How many after lives CIGÙRI already had?
We don’t know. Nobody knows. So far the mystery remains.

Does it reflect the multiple lives of the creative people in Berlin ?  
I guess every single creative life is different and we all deserve to live all the lives we want. Berlin is a big open space which allows many people to come and work on what they really want to do, and sometimes on what they really want to be. Cigùri is somehow one of them.

Did you start CIGÙRI here in Berlin?
She was reborn in Berlin but she won’t be buried here.

You have developed a very strong image how do you integrate your costume design background to your music research?
Sometimes I feel empty and can’t do music anymore. This no man’s land of music is the best playground for drawing a new costume, which will show me the way to another melody. I can’t separate the creative process of music from the costume design. Cigùri has many things to say, that’s why i’m using different art forms to tell her story.

What is fashion to you?  Do you have a mentor?
I am most of the time inspired by visual arts or music that’s why every single costume is a door to another story. I don’t have a mentor, i mean, a fashion mentor. Cigùri has a real mentor, but you can’t find him in magazines yet.

If Cigùri  would be …
a sound : A brass.  Recently i have been working a lot with a trumpet player, brass is a sound that inspires me a lot at the moment.
an object : My new sorcerer stick that comes from the devil’s mountain.
a piece of clothe : A strip of clothes, the cigùri costume signature.

If Cigùri had a tribe how would it sound like?
Cigùri’s tribe is dead but she has many friends who love to laugh.

You have been working with new collaborators on your first up coming album, how was the transition from electronic to  acoustic ?  Does it hurt?
Four years ago, I started singing alone with my piano and then Cigùri arrived and I needed to have an army of instruments with me. That’s why the project slowly switched from acoustic to electro-acoustic. Most of the time the electronic sounds where symphonic instruments. For this first album, I wanted to keep the basis of the electronic that built this melancholic dark pop, but on the other side I wanted real instruments.
It didn’t hurt; it was very exciting to do it. Before, I had one fake trumpet, now I have a whole brass section playing for real.

Smalltown Boy is a pure anthem what is you relation to that song?
I got the virus of this song a little bit before last summer. I think I listened to this song for at least 10 times a day for a month… It was insane, I was singing it all the time ! Making a cover just came naturally. In the mean time this winter, struggles against gay marriage started in France, and as you may already know, Smalltown Boy is the personal story of Jimmy Summerville who was kicked out of his home when his parents learned about his homosexuality. Inequality is one of the things I am incapable to stand. This song means a lot to me.

Do you believe in fortune cookies?
That is a very good question because actually I am a Shaman.

FOLLOW Cigùri on her website http://www.ciguri.net/


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