A_CURATE#2 Caught in the act with Emilie Delugeau

Wrangelkiez A_CURATE and the Month Of Perfornance Art Berlin present Verfremdet a photo exhibition of Emilie Delugeau at S19 Gallery.The french photographer  Emilie Delugeau is about to introduce us to her intimate relation to performance art trough a serial of portraits and instants with dancers  in the light. www.emiliedelugeau.com  OPENING FRIDAY 03.05  at  19:00 Schlesischestrasse 19, 10997 Berlin


03.05 LULU RAFANO ( Bonaparte ) 20:00 S19 Gallery Schlesischestrasse 19

A live and familial performance direct from the fairy land of Rafano where paintings become alive.

Marlon-Marlene la balançoire von tupoleff


07.05/ 09.05/ 11.05  GHOST RADIO SHOW   with Nicolas Puyjalon , Leila Peacock and their guests  present 3 episodes of live performance directly broadcasted on the FM from  19:00 to 20: 00 frequency given day by day. Check their first creative lab  during their residency at the Center For Contemporary Art of Glasgow here

BRING YOUR OWN RADIO to Barbie Deinhoff’s Schlesischestrasse 16

31.05 RADIO MAKI live session 22:00 Urban Spree  with

Carl Schilde ( Heavy listening rec) Sound Performance

Zachov (Electro Live sampling)

Miko (Piano and electronic beats)

Strip Down  ( Lo fi Dance )

dj set:  Bilibobcat ( Junior) , Magritte Jaco (PlateauRepas) , Yann Vives ( la clairière), Kritzkom, plus guests







About magrittejaco

Musician multimedia in Mille, Plateau Repas, FL/AM ans the Flamingoes.
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