UNTER GRÜN # 16 Electrosexual Demon’s of Demolition

Electrosexual is bringing the sexy back with his new EP “Demolition ” released on Rock Machine records . Once again the independent french producer is shining in making a crowd bow to the beat with his magic synthetic touch ! 

Wrangelkiez has met the demon of the dance floor before his release party  this friday 18.01 at Luzia from 09:30pm with the black diamond Hanin Elias dj set !


Are we expecting any out of space vocal track on this new record ?

On this new song Demolition , i am singing in a very nostalgic way, the way you’d sing if you were the only survivor after the end of the world, and that’s what we all are now since December! aren’t we?

Is it important for you to refers to the past? Do you consider it as a music History digestion process or is it more of a nostalgic approach ?

I used to be very nostalgic of the 80′s and put in my music a lot of references to the sounds i grew up to. now i am more excited about today’s music as well as early 70 or even 60′s.

If i say Moroder you say ? Moog sequencer

If i play Tiesto you say ? Trance forever

If i says time machine you go to the Discoïde 70′s or Dancemaniac 90′s?

Definitely the future! i mean like in Back to the future, in 2015

What was the first record or tape you bought ?

It was “Like a Virgin”, i bought it in “Pas de la case” i’m sure some frenchies will enjoy that precision. I was such a big fan of the “Into The Groove” song (which was my first 7″)as a kid.

What is the last album you have bought ? 

Well actually Today i just bought Makina Girgir’s first LP “Torment” that is released this week on “La Forme Lente” and i love it very much.

Is the party in Berlin for ever ?

It is up to you to decide, the party is inside us, not outside!

How many band or project have you done since you live in Berlin ?

Only 2:  “Electrosexual” , where i sometimes invite ephemeral guests vocalists, and “Dear Strange”  with the lovely Dorian E.

You are more Schlagger or Gabber ? 

Schglabber’s pronounciation sounds like it may actually sound

Sebastien Tellier is offering you a duo but only if you let your beard grow do you accept ?

Oh i love HAIR and i’m not only talking of the musical! I saw 3 different tours of Sebastien Tellier and i am always amazed, he is fantastic. so yes i’d definitely fit in his synth flight case!

What is coming next ?

I have a couple of remixes recently released: one for Dead Sexy Inc

, Manchester’s The Niallist

and the french singer Desireless

and some to be released soon: aMinus Feat. Magritte Jaco , Tubbe & David Carretta‘s Aerobic.

MORE MORE MORE ELECTROSEXUAL HERE: www.electrosexual-official.com/ 






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  1. Cosensation says:

    Hi .. merci pour MAKiNA GiRGiR ! cette sortie nous a rendu très heureux et motivés pour la suite à venir très prochainement ;)

    Extracts of Circuit d’Actes 3 to come soon on La Forme Lente :




    Bandcamp : http://laformelente.bandcamp.com/
    Soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/la-forme-lente-1
    Discogs : http://www.discogs.com/label/La+Forme+Lente

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