Wrangelkiez  has been keeping an eye on the  AKA gallery since their opening  in 2009. This french-berliner shop has definitely dig a different path in the world of tattoo with a very tight selection of  eclectic and independent artists.

Besides their ink and piercing activities and their  residency program and their brand new london extension atelier, AKA  has grown as an Art gallery with a range of monthly exhibitions  promoting tattoo as an art piece and giving a chance to  established and young artists to show their work. They surely had a good feeling with the freshly graduated painter Sandra Ober who will present tonight her first solo exhibition ” MEAT FOR EVERYONE”.


AKA/ Pflügerstrasse 6 /19:00 / U8 Schönlein str/

WK had a word with Valentin aka Aminus one of the two heads of AKA :

When did you and Jon John opened AKA ?

November, Friday the 13th! Seems like it’s been our lucky day!

How do you chose your artist  ?

As far as the gallery is concerned we usually chose them because we know them, we are friends and we love their work and/or work with them. But we also take our chances on fresh young artists like Jose William Vigers, LNY for example… This is the case with Sandra Ober. It is her first exhibition. She contacted us and we found her painting work quite stunning. She has been working on big format canvas, painting animal farms and especially cattle for the past years and have focused now on the other side of “farming” and what happens before one finally gets meat in his plate. As far as the tattoo artists are concerned we chose them according to their artistic background, innovative styles/techniques, according to how what they do stands out from what is being done, we chose them because we love their work, because they are friends…

How do you explain your success ?

The tattoo is nowadays more accepted in society. It is not only associated with bikers, prisonners or gangs anymore. Even though tattoos remain meaningful for lots of people it has also become a fashion accessory. Our artists our innovative and very graphic which goes with this whole fashion trend. But most of all i think the fresh view of tattoo we provide with those specific works and styles is the reason of our success.

If aka was a body part would be ?

A stomach.

AKA as  body or AKA as soul ?

Both, it’s been mixed and digested inside the stomach.





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