We say YES to the 6th edition of the WEDDING DRESS festival! Fun and Fashion are reunited in a great street fest on the 9th and 10th of July.  


The Brunnen strasse will turn into an incredible open air  fashion market / dance floor, where labels and young designers are selling while bands and dj are head banging.

Wrangelkiez says YES ! to the musik program that makes us buy on the beat! Wedding dress festival has been also a big music provider the past years ( Daniel Haskmann, Kissogram, Norman Palm…)

This year we will enjoy a sunny open air program with rRoxymore, Pilocka Krach, dj Nomad,  Billi Bobcat,Mille, Jacob Suske, OMP, Britta Arnold, Mr Roro, Dj Ipek, dj Metzgerei, dj Chrof, dj Sampson, dj K-chico more info on the time schedual here.

Fashion Week would not be the same without catwalk so be  prepared  to catch the next  street wear “must have” accessories with the Vintage Smckdown Fashion show  presented by Iheartberlin.

Of course all this would not be a berliner event without an awesome biergarten, animation for Kids, so we keep on saying Yes to shooping, dancing from wrangelkiez to wedding because that is what we do ! Yes Yes Yes !!

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more info at GRANMA

by Magritte Jaco

About magrittejaco

Musician multimedia in Mille, Plateau Repas, FL/AM ans the Flamingoes.
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  1. THANKS a lot! :-)))

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