WRANGELKIEZ, who are you?

The Wrangelkiez is a neighbourhood of the early 20th century, it is in the former western part of Berlin. It’s a very special postion because it’s at the extremity of  west berlin.

It’s located in Kreuzberg, which is administrativly part of “Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain”. An area combining Friedrichshain on the east-side and Kreuzberg on the west side.

map wrangelkiez

Wrangelkiez is a pretty young area, the average age is 36,9 years old, and it’s where the most amount of foreigners (33,71% officially but the number vary from 22,5 to 40%). It’s anyway hard to know really, because many of people are staying for a short time and are not registred.

map wrangelkiez © mixher.fr

It’s a really active area, with the most amount of art cluster and music companies (and bands). But also a poor area, the average monthly income is one of the lowest of Berlin.

map wrangelkiez © mixher.fr


Oberbaumbrücke is the only bridge linking Kreuzberg to Friedrichshain. It became a symbol of the reunification in 89, linking west and east.

map wrangelkiez

This area is now changing a lot, but let’s do everything to keep Wrangelkiez, creative, free, cheap and real.

by Mixher

About Marine

Marine is graphic designer and musician (Kritzkom, Anna Otto, Miko...)
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