Maurice Lemaître is an avant garde  former lettrist artist fromFrance born in 1926.

In this art piece, he is editing a compilation of  video extracted from the japaneses news regarding the incrising amount of  teenager’ suicides in Japan.  Beyong the social fact, this video makes me wonder about Art as the miror of an unability to communicate and the self responsability that people have as active character in the media as much as in society.

Joel Hubaut Epidemik Art Grossist

The lettrism movment started their activities  in 1950,with a radical aim, to get rid of words in order to extract only the phonetic and poetic aspect of the language itself.  It is interesting to think of this “language” as a very primitiv as well as an ultra poetic form of expression.  The primitive  language  of a wild child for instance might not have any room for the concept of poetry but the ability to comunicate defines the ability to survive even without a proper word. 

 Evidences 1969 Roland Sabatier

I  “è(‘”°°!::°)à’_çè::;,,;(‘à”,;,;:!:ç  therefore I live

 THE LETTRISME WEB SITE  DA DA DA LI LA °°°//./???///°°°00°°0°°0°°0°°00°°00°°° . . .

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