OPEN HOUSE group show switching perspectives

The OPEN HOUSE group show will explore the new creative corners of Leipziger Strasse 60 today  Wednesday September 17th with a multi media exhibition featuring 50 artists. The follow up of the TWIST IN MY SOBRIETY show that took place last year in Kaufland Jandorf, is a pop up curation by Your Mom’s  and iHeartberlin celebrating their 7th anniversary with the photographic curation WE ARE BERLIN .

This unique Kunst kiez will open the gate from 07pm to 11pm in the remodelled Czech Republic Culture House with a special dj set of the House Music diva  Aerea Negrot (Bpitch Control records) and the king of Berlin Festival Conny Opper djset.

Exhibition from 17.09- 21.09

RSVP on facebook here

Leipziger Strasse 60 / Door Jerusalem Strasse

Artists and collaborators:

Anna Pajak / Anto & Casio / Charla Wood /Codex: Patrick Cierpka, Oliver Gröne, Philip Grözinger, Lars Teichmann, Felix Wunderlich, Miriam Vlaming & Filip Zorzor
Danny Muster / Dorit Bialer /Enrico Nagel / Fabien Gilles / Fleur Helluin / Gabriella Hirst / iHeartberlin  7th anniversary special feat. Katja Hentschel, Florian Kolmer, Florian Reischauer, Chris Phillips, Eylül Aslan, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Nicola Napoli, Alicia Kassebohm, u.v.m/Joseph Amodei /Kerta von Kubin /Lady Gaby & Alice Morey /
Lisa Wassmann / Luciano Munhoz /Marianne Jacquet /Melanie Velarde /Moshik Hayman /Natacha Mankowski /Obi Blanche / Phntm Beach /Roy Menachem Markovich /





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KOOKOO special JAURES at OHM tonight

Party with your heart AND your brain with ARA and MIEKO SUZUKI and their incredible KOOKOO night at OHM (Tresor) tonigth with a special live from JAURES!  Ara gives us a little bit of historical context #jaccuse!

On July 31st, 1914, a young fanatic nationalist assassinated Jean Jaurès in Paris. The youngster believed that Jaurès, who was one of the most prominent socialist activists of the time, and his strong devotion to pacifism would play into the hands of the German Reich in the war that was just about to start.

One hundred years later, once again in belligerent times, we can finally celebrate the return of JAURES. This time, convictions and aspirations take on the form of richly textured sounds rising from the fumes of history: Tsoyberbarg, an EP full of sonic predictions that has just been released on Live At Robert Johnson’s
sublabel Die Orakel.

The two enigmatic figures responsible for JAURES’s resurrection, self-professed ingenious dilettantes, like to keep a low profile. They might have learned a lesson from history or two… Still, their music has already resonated prominently on a mix CD Roman Flügel put together exclusively for Groove Magazine as well as
on a Resident Advisor podcast by Oliver Hafenbauer. KOOKOO is very proud to present one of the first ever reappearances of JAURES, on September 5th at OHM Gallery in Berlin.

If you want to find out more about JAURES’s history and destiny you could probably still migrate to Delphi and consult the most famous oracle of ancient times – or you choose to experience their convictions and aspirations first-hand at KOOKOO, along with DJ sets by the hosts MIEKO SUZUKI & ARA as well as some amazing art created uniquely for this evening.

Through a specially developed light sculpture, visual artist NAOMI TAKAKI from Osaka will transform all the sonic inputs of this KOOKOO night into dots glowing in space, continuously blazing up and blown out just like the endless succession of unique moments in time we have learned to call history.

NAOMI TAKAKI will be joined by VESSELIN ATANASSOV from Bulgaria and YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI from Japan, both presenting video installations that in part will be created live on the spot. The paper sculpture presented on the flyer is the work of CARLY FISCHER from Melbourne and will also be presented in a big light
box at OHM Gallery.

Oracles are thought to be portals through which entities from some other world speak directly to the people. In 1983, French duo Deux spoke and sang as follows: You can be someone if you grow with me…

JAURES (Die Orakel) //
MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) //
ARA (Kookoo) //

ART by

NAOMI TAKAKI (light sculpture) //
VESSELIN ATANASSOV (video installation) //
YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (video installation) //
CARLY FISCHER (flyer artwork) //

OHM Gallery
Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

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MAMA the Interview !

The British producer and vocalist MAMA is about to spread a crazy breeze on Berlin this Saturday 06th at the TAUSEND’ season opening gong. Her remarquable collaboration with Tiefschwarz on the track Corporate Butcher “ released on Watergate Records and remixed by Solomon, haunted every Berliner with compulsive joy and implicit thoughts.

After quite a hectic year where she performed at Glastonbury, collaborated with Beats by Dre for the World Cup Special, joined forces with Ellen Allien’s Bpitch Control released and EP by ‘ARGY & MAMA’,  opened for Kele’s (Bloc Party front man) latest tour, she kept producing new music. Presenting now her up coming album Dreams Of Liberty out next September 22nd, Mama is holding the beat with her poetic glitched-witched-crafted techno.

What’s the idea behind the video for your new track Electricity? 

It was a work of faith. Roger Spy directed and edited the video. He’s a freak of nature, utterly obsessed with pop culture. I turned up at his studio cum museum of pop culture curiosity, wall to wall in Michael Jackson and David Bowie memorabilia. I had no idea what to expect, it was shot in two hours against a black wall but he told me to trust him. I couldn’t have imagined the outcome if I tried. I was blown away by the results. He directed my last video ‘Don’t stop the beat’ and it’s always a magical experience collaborating with him. Check out his work  at

On songs like  “Don’t stop the beat” and “Horses”, you had a much more UK-funky/UK Bass sound going while with Electricity, the whole vibe is more polished and a lot more trip-hop. Has life in Berlin influenced your music and production?

I like to think I’m sensitive to my location and that my music is a testament to my lived experience. Of course my production values have been influenced by Berlin, all those Sunday evenings spent at Berghain must have made a difference but I hear my sound coming from a strong British musical heritage that I can’t deny.

You co-founded the label Batty Bass  can you tell us more about it? Do you have any plans of exporting the Batty Bass nights over here?

Batty Bass was a monthly bass heavy House and Techno gathering for about 5 years filled with various creatures of the East London club scene from old school ravers, fashionistas, drag queens, artists and everything in between and outside. It was a rammed packed sweatbox of high energy, a community where everybody knew each other. FKA Twigs, Santigold, Azari III, Planningtorock, The Gossip and so many other international artists have all let their hair down there. The main collective of Batty Bass is Hannah Holland and Deboa on the decks and me on live vocals. Alex Noble designs the posters which were always ripped off, folded neatly and put in someones handbag at the end of each night. We only do one off events at the moment while we’re developing the Batty Bass Soundsystem, which we’re planning to take on tour next year. Just listen to the Batty Bass album to get a taste of the underground artists that congregated there.

What’s better than DMT and champagne? 
Cunnilingus and Music

Interview by Thomas Romana  #bestmen

*SHARE to WIN 2×2 tickets – RSVP on facebook*

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BERLIN GRAPHIC DAYS #4 Get your eyes wide open!

Berlin graphic days is  back with a new illustration and street art market in the indie gallery and biergarten of Urban Spree. Wipe your glasses and open your eyes for a full week  of exhibition, performances , street fooding, music and picture farandole Oii OIii!


Join the Exhibition Opening this Monday August 25th at 06pm ( free donation entrance ) with the pieces of Mike Friedrich, Cren and HZA blending in the brazilian artist ONIO  followed by a mellow house in style dj set by the vocalist of CerroneMANDEL TURNER.


Get stamped with an international selection of self printed poster, painting, tshirts and prevent yourself from the grey fall in Berlin and color up with the illustration market this Saturday 30.08 ( 01-10pm) until sunday night ( 01-20pm) entrance 4 €  .


Market : Revaler Str 99/

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