UNTERGRÜN #29 THE DO the interview

The DO aka Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy have just released their third album the beautiful power pop «Shake Shook Shaken»,Wrangelkiez has met the Franco-Finnish indie band on the Berliner corner of their massive European Tour, the lights are turned on the crowd is loud, we are ready to rock on!

Trading their old school rock production for a more digital and electronic set up, the Do did not lose an inch of their emotional power introducing the show it with the track « A Mess Like This», a pure moment of grace.

Acclaimed for their pop anthem « On my Shoulders » out in 2008 on the album « A Mouthful », the Do quickly became a reference as an alternative and indie pop band. Evolving as a wild carnivores plant while playing with music genres, this third album is a unique blend of slow disco, minimalistic music, a pagan celebration where your brain composes the movie while following the score.

the-do-shakeshookshakenShook by the double drum and emoved by the delightful melodies of the keyboard, I alsmost forget the limited presence of the electric guitar as th luminous voice of the singer was leading us to some wild places including an insane tribal remix of «Slippery Slope».

With « Shake Shook Shaken » , the Do explores a brand new direction with courage and success, it is pop contagious, luminous, synthetic, martial and beautifully human, be very careful as it might stays stuck in your mind for quite some time.

There is a real disco flair in this album, and quite futuristic feeling what synthesizer did you fall in love with?
We actually used a lot of virtual instruments, we were not that much into vintage synths, we’d already used them a lot on previous albums. We wanted to explore the ‘in the box’ possibilities of a software.
Not a synth, but the Wurlitzer was a companion on all tracks.

Terry Riley or Philip Glass?
Steve Reich !

Sebastien Tellier ou Todd Terje? Both have released an album this year do you feel closer to these obsessive synth disco boyz?
I’m not too familiar with their work. We feel closer to The Knife or Die Antwoord in the way they transcend genres through pop, with a very strong identity.

Are you influenced by the Nordic Disco waves?
I feel definitely close to Nordic acts, especially Swedish acts, but I’d love to know more about the specific disco scene.

Sparks is a very emotional and cinematographic song does the script comes with the song? I really want to see the movie can you tell me more about this song?
Yes there’s a story to it : I had a very apocalyptical and biblical vision of a city left behind, peoples in exile in no man’s lands, refugees trying to find new territories, guided by planets and stars. It’s another song about starting everything from scratch.

TheDo-daylightIs Going Through Walls your answer to American pop?
It could be a wink at some big American mainstream acts that we love, with a hint of 70s hard rock in the hook. American pop is pretty broad.. We love Beyoncé, who doesn’t ?

Despair Hangover and Extasy, is a brilliant track where the disco ball exploses in millions of tiny pieces, a bit like a broken heart, can we expect remixes?
Yes of course, they’re coming up, it’s exciting.  There’s a Club Cheval remix on it’s way.

You are starting to do dj sets, what was the last record you have bought?
Future -Honest. I love hip hop, that’s what I play most

Are you optimistic paganist? Lick My Wounds is a real anthem for survival?
Absolutely, I always try to keep things bright, it’s as if I owed it to myself. It’s a song about solitude, desert islands. I have a pretty cheesy way to say “it’s all going to be alright”

If you would be a weapon you would be?
Shinraken, it would make sense with my on stage moves these days.

Where do you find your Sisu?
I chew Sisu licorice candy, and the rest is a heritage that I’m not very aware of..

You have spent some time in Berlin did it inspire you on this album, you talk a lot about making a way in the chaos?
Yes, I flew several times to Berlin to finish songs, Miracles was one of them. I love to stay in a city with such cultural energy, but which doesn’t rush you, it gave me so much oxygen in the process.

What is your plan for the future?
Life on the road…a bit of despair, a hint of hangover and then ecstasy, not the drug, the feeling of it !



03 Dec/Transbordeur – Lyon, France/ Buy Tickets 
04 Dec/ MC2 – Grenoble, France /Buy Tickets 
05 Dec/ Espace Julien – Marseille, France/Buy Tickets 
06 Dec/ Le FIL – Saint-Etienne, France/Buy Tickets 
12 Dec/La Sirène – La Rochelle, France/Buy Tickets 
13 Dec/L’Aéronef – Lille, France/Buy Tickets 
14 Dec/L’Orangerie – Brussels, Belgium/Buy Tickets 
15 Dec/Rockhall – Luxembourg, UK/Buy Tickets 
17 Dec/ Bierhubeli – Bern, Switzerland/Buy Tickets 
18 Dec/Les Docks – Lausanne, Switzerland/Buy Tickets 
19 Dec/Mascotte – Zurich, Switzerland/Buy Tickets 


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tim instant scketch live bonaparte

The prolific and polymorphic artist TIM FITE is definitely not a white cube kind of guy. After joining forces on stage with BONAPARTE during their wild European tour, the Brooklyn based artist presents a unique series of live drawings made during the show.

E_FLYER-BONAPARTE-900x900pxCatching the intensity of the performance within an instant while being surrounded by screaming sweaty girls was certainly a good motivation for Tim Fite! Caught in the ink with the terrific Divas, squeezing sweat on paper with the Band’s members, this exhibition is a multiple reflection print of what people call music and what Bonaparte call a cardio routine!

The ME SO SELFIE  duet will be performing a special music and drawing performance this Saturday 22Nd of November in Platoon Kunsthalle during the VERNISSAGE of this one night art to take away show.

Doors open at 08pm sharp for art lovers and collectors, the question is which one are you?

Tim Fite in his work plays with our addiction to technology and inability to communicate, he recently released a conceptual album I BEEN HACKED and a sold out ceramic series of PHONIES produced during his art residency at the Beam Center in New York.




Schoenhauser Allee 9, 110119 Berlin

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carne_wrangeltape_photo-by-janJwalterCarneprofilepic © Charlotte OsingaWrangelkiez presents a new podcast mixed by CARNE a sizzle beats producer from the UK who has been digging in the underground scene from Bombay to Berlin. Starting with instrumental Hip-Hop, and going through all manners of Garage, Neuro, Jersey, Grime and broken strands of House and Techno, this UK focused mix is a snapshot of what he has been listening since he arrived in the kiez. Don’t miss his next gig in Urban Spree next December 12 for the YMA anniversary.



Carne – Clench
Nocturnomath – Lots Of Sky With Div
Big City Harmonics – Black Sabbath Funk
Clockwork – Dent
Zimbra Sound – Locked (Horner Remix)
Kamikaze Space Programme – Radio
I Am Legion – Warp Speed Thuggin’
Nucleoid & Transforma – Nine
Asa & Joe Ford – Real Talk
Sorrow – Chronicle
M.E.S.H – Whenever We Feels Like
Asa 808 – Mahakala
Panes – Bones (Mickey Pearce Remix)
Miss Modular – Earplug
Murlo – Ravine
Trap Door – Chaka
Brenmar ft. Calore – Payroll (Illuminati AMS Remix)
Nömak & L’homme Aux 4 Lettres – Horsequake
Murlo – Hydra
Scratcha DVA ft. Chipmunk – It’s Not Just Bars
Kakarot – Port Harcourt (Shriekin’s Orchestral Remix)
Kito & Reija Lee – This City (Asa & Koan Sound Remix)
DET & Silantra – Luv Song
Robinn – Plastic People
Sabrepulse – Dreamer
Illum Sphere – Sleeprunner (Illum Sphere’s Re-run)
All People – Untitled
Squarepusher – Circlewave


Illustration by Charlotte Osinga
Photo Jan M Walter

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KID SIMIUS VS SPACESHIP ALOHA Bonaparte Me So Selfie remix

Achtung it ‘s hot! Get the new update of ME SO SELFIE  from BONAPARTE and the rapper TIM FITE. The bas ass hit has been revisited by Aliens LOL CATS and UFO aka Kid Simius and Spaceship Aloha! Like she  said ” In the space they can’t hear your booty clapclap”  Free download snap snap check it out!

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