GET KOOKOO with Errorsmith and Crato in OHM Friday

kookoo march 2015

KOOKOO is one of our favourite curated party in Berlin, that blends  a solid taste for techno with a slice of visual art crazyness. Conceptually developped outside of the box by the japanese dj/performer Mieko Suzuki and ARA, this night tends to connect your eyes and your ears with a collection of exclusive art pieces and Berlin-based iconic dj. Lifting your feet up, the incredible duo CRATO ( Magazine) and ERRORSMITH (MMM)!

FRIDAY 06 MARCH  OHM Köpernicker strasse 70
:: music
CRATO (Magazine) //
MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) //
ARA (Kookoo) //

:: art
AIKO OKAMOTO (video installation) //
VESSELIN ATANASSOV (video installation) //
YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (stop motion) //
CARLY FISCHER (light box & flyer artwork) //


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kleine-hamburgerstr_-1990-o-benDeBielPhoto by Ben De Biel ” Wonderland”

The Wrangelkiez has recently sucked its ultimate coolness feeling up when losing the legendary mural street art piece by Blu. Isn’t it the purpose of any art piece to disappear and to remind you that nothing is permanent?  If this simple thought makes you all blue only one remedy the Wonderland book by Ben De Biel who captured the simple truth of a complex moment of History.

Cherishing the nostalgia of the greatest fun in the hardest time, the french label SQUARE HOUSE is pulling a wind of free spirit and free party this Friday! Expect some ultimate oldschool visuals &  hedonistic house all night long in a warehouse! If the location remains secret the line up is out and loud. Purchase your ticket on Resident Advisor.

SQUAREHOUSEYes’in ( Cosmo records // Finow Zoo )

♫ Vito Fattore ( Deep Square Records // Alboratory )

♫ Aurélien de Villèle (Deep Square Records)

♫ John Clats (Deep Square Records // el azra CH)

♫ Thoma’ (FINOW ZOO)

♫ Daniel Marinello (Harlem Perc)


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WIN 2 Tickets for NGOMA at YAAM

NGOMA presents a vibrant night at YAAM this Saturday 28.02. The music community lead by dj Leo Zhao has established itself as one lively platform for African music lovers, digging into the roots of percussions to the brutal bass side of clubbing.

Opening the first edition at YAAM the co founder of the British label TRAX COUTURE  RUSHMORE  followed by D.R.E.E.A. (EvE without adam), QUMASIQUAME from the vivid collective  THROUGH MYS SPEAKERS and the NGOMA crew  MC ZOUM and DJ Zhao!

WIN 2 GUESTLISTS Drop us a line in the comment box!


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Derdiyoklar & Farfara (live) in ACUD

Polychrome Sounds & Acud Macht Neu present a night of oriental wave and psych rock with Derdiyoklar & Farfara (live) + SpatzHabibi & DJ PoverT (djs) this Friday 27 .02 at 08pm.

DERDIYOKLAR is a mythical duo from Turkey who shakes Germany with their  psych folk disco groove since the 70′s. They will be heating the stage of Acud this Friday with a unique show in combination with a contemporary Turkish band with their own close ties to Germany and Berlin in particular.

Coming along the up coming Turkish kraut rock trio FARFARA from Istanbul. Expect some delay and driving bass to conduct your night from an evolving pattern to a pure rock improvisation.


FRIDAY 27.02

ACUD Veteran Strasse 21, U8 Rosenthaler Platz

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